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Las Vegas Civil Litigation Attorney

Dolan Law Group practices in the area of civil litigation. Civil litigation can encompass anything from breach of contract to breach of fiduciary duties. Civil litigation matters can be in the Eighth Judicial District Court to North Las Vegas Justice Court, to the Nevada Supreme Court. We handle all of them. Litigation is complicated and very procedurally driven.


You want to have a law firm on your side who excels in this arena, and we do. We provide tenacious and aggressive representation for our clients. 


We also litigate Las Vegas personal injury cases, when a lot of law firms do not. 


We go trial, when other Las Vegas law firms will not.


Any realm of litigation; we handle.  Litigation may not be the best solution for clients, so at Dolan Law Group we like to provide you with options. 


Dolan Law Group is a full-service Las Vegas law firm, who is here when you need us.  We think outside the box.

We have successfully defended an illegal eviction lawsuit, eviscerated multiple real estate contracts outside of court, settled probate cases, secured a securities fraud case dismissal for a high profile client, and had one of the few cases remanded in Nevada from federal court against a wall street bank involving predatory lending and servicing. 

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